Top Four Reasons Why Sleeping in a Tent is Better than a Camper

When you go camping, you typically have two options when it comes to your sleeping arrangements: sleeping in a tent or in a camper.  Many people enjoy sleeping in one over the other for a variety of reason.  However, more campers should start using tents again as sleeping outside in a tent offers many benefits that campers cannot match.

Closer to Nature

One of the best reasons to sleep in a tent rather than a camper is to be closer to nature.  When you sleep in a tent, there is just a thin wall of nylon separating you and Mother Nature.  You will definitely feel like you are camping for the duration of your trip when you choose to sleep in a tent rather than a camper.

The luxuries associated with a camper can lead you to being spoiled while on a camping trip.  When setting up camp in the woods, you should be looking forward to leaving the amenities we have grown accustomed to back at home.  Sleeping in a tent helps you achieve this goal a lot easier than sleeping in a camper.

Less Hassle

Driving around a big camper and finding a place at the campground to park your vehicle can be a big hassle.  When all you have is a tent, you simply pull up to a spot where there is room for your tent and set up shop.  There is no worrying about finding an electrical outlet to plug into or a place to dispose of your waste when you go camping in a tent.

More Camping Options

In addition to being less hassle, tents offer more camping options than campers as well.  Not every campsite has hookups for campers, meaning you cannot bring your camper to these locations.  However, if you had a tent, you would easily be able to set up camp as long as there was a clear space big enough for your tent.  When you use a tent for your camping trips, you have access to many more remote locations, allowing you to enjoy some of the most scenic areas of the country.

Combine Hiking and Camping

One last reason why sleeping in a tent is a better option than sleeping in a camper is being able to turn your camping trip into a combination nature hike and camping trip.  With a tent, you can pack up your campsite every morning and hike to another location in the woods to camp the following night.  This flexibility is not possible with a camper as you are typically stuck in one location for the duration of your camping trip when you decide to sleep in one of these vehicles.

However, with an easy to use tent, you are able to quickly pick up your campsite and turn your afternoon into a hiking adventure and set up camp in a different location of the woods.  This feature appeals to many outdoorsmen who are looking to make their camping trip the biggest adventure possible.

While campers certainly have their place within the camping world, sleeping in a tent offers many additional benefits that make it the best sleeping option for a camping trip.  Being closer to nature, having to deal with less hassle, providing you with more camping options and offering the ability to combine hiking and camping easily are just some of the benefits associated with opting to sleep in a tent rather than a camper.

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