Best Ways to Cook Food During a Campout

Cooking can be a challenge when you are camping in the wilderness, especially if you have never done it before.  Having a game plan of how you will cook your food while on your trip will help you better prepare for all of the different meals you will create.  While grilling is really the only option you have for cooking your own food while camping, there are two methods you can use to achieve this goal.

Bring Your Own Grill

The first method you can use is to bring your own grill.  Many campers enjoy bringing their own portable grill with them as they have the security of knowing that they will be able to cook all of their food without issues while on their trip.  Using a small portable grill is a very convenient way to prepare your meals as these grills will easily fit into your car along with the rest of your camping gear.  You not have to rely on the campground to supply you with a charcoal grill as you will have your own.

While bringing your own grill will provide you with the security of knowing you will have a way to prepare all of your meals, you will need to make sure you have enough propane or charcoal for the duration of your trip.  This can be a challenge for some campers who plan on spending more than a weekend in the woods.

Use The Campfire


The other method you have at your disposal to cook your food while camping is to use the campfire.  This can be done by using a roasting stick, placing a grate directly over the fire or using a cooking tripod that has a hanging grate that is placed directly over the campfire.  All three of these options are perfectly fine when looking to cook your meals over an open campfire.

One reason why many campers enjoy preparing their meals over the campfire is because it adds to the overall camping experience.  Many campers will jump at the opportunity to cook all of their meals over a campfire because they rarely have the opportunity to do so.

Also, with the use of a cooking grate, you are able to cook more food at one time.  This is especially handy if you are cooking for a large group of people.  If you had a small portable grill, you would have to cook your food in shifts, which would result in some people eating while others wait for their food to be cooked.  However, with a large campfire grate, you will be able to prepare everyone’s meal at once, enabling your entire camping group to eat together.

Figuring out how you will prepare your meals while you are camping is an essential part of the planning process.  While you will more than likely grill most of your food, you have the option of bringing your own portable grill or cooking your food over an open campfire.  Both methods have their benefits, so you need to decide which cooking method is best for your group.

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